PrimeNet, Inc. introduces PrimeNet

If you’re a self-insured
health client today, you have been or soon will be approached by
one of several provider networks trying to “sell” their
product as the network with the largest number of providers with
the biggest discounts. These networks typically begin and end relationships
with TPAs every year….providers hate it! They rarely know which
client is using each network at any given time and they are not
inclined to give the largest discounts to these networks.

Professional Risk Management began a relationship with PrimeNet,
Inc. over nine years ago and PrimeNet, Inc. agreed to contract exclusively
for PRM’s clients. Providers love it! They know who they are
dealing with, where to call if there is a question and they are
confident with the reputation of PRM. Since this marketing blitz
from stand alone networks is in full swing, please excuse us for
a moment while we blow our own horn so that you can be assured,
as a client of PRM, your discounts are not just comparative, but,
often superlative to other plans.

When PrimeNet, Inc. began in 1991, it was comprised of one network
with discounts ranging from 10-20%. Today, PrimeNet, Inc. is comprised
of two direct contract health care networks with discounts averaging
from 20% to 45%, one direct contract workers compensation network
with claim discounts at 10% below the BWC fee schedule, a pharmacy
benefit manager with a direct contracted national pharmacy network
averaging discounts of up to 30% and a program for discounting health
related costs to your employees for expenses not covered by your
health plan (exercise equipment, massotherapy, etc.). In addition,
PrimeNet, Inc. has recently entered into relationships with reputable
national networks which allow comparable discounts for providers
throughout the country.

As important as discounting is for claim cost management, there
are other factors which can impact upon claim costs just as much.
Proper administration of your benefit plan can add significantly
to overall savings. PRM is noted as a leader in plan administration
to maximize your benefits with reinsurance reimbursement and network
access fees. PRM clients typically see plan payments of 50% or less
of actual billed charges once all these measures are taken into

Rest assured, as a client of PRM, your network is strong and constantly
changing to meet your needs and your plan is being administered
with the greatest savings and the least imposition to your employees.

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