PrimeNet, Inc. introduces PrimeNet

If you’re a self-insured
health client today, you have been or soon will be approached by
one of several provider networks trying to “sell” their
product as the network with the largest number of providers with
the biggest discounts. These networks typically begin and end relationships
with TPAs every year….providers hate it! They rarely know which
client is using each network at any given time and they are not
inclined to give the largest discounts to these networks.

Professional Risk Management began a relationship with PrimeNet,
Inc. over nine years ago and PrimeNet, Inc. agreed to contract exclusively
for PRM’s clients. Providers love it! They know who they are
dealing with, where to call if there is a question and they are
confident with the reputation of PRM. Since this marketing blitz
from stand alone networks is in full swing, please excuse us for
a moment while we blow our own horn so that you can be assured,
as a client of PRM, your discounts are not just comparative, but,
often superlative to other plans.

When PrimeNet, Inc. began in 1991, it was comprised of one network
with discounts ranging from 10-20%. Today, PrimeNet, Inc. is comprised
of two direct contract health care networks with discounts averaging
from 20% to 45%, one direct contract workers compensation network
with claim discounts at 10% below the BWC fee schedule, a pharmacy
benefit manager with a direct contracted national pharmacy network
averaging discounts of up to 30% and a program for discounting health
related costs to your employees for expenses not covered by your
health plan (exercise equipment, massotherapy, etc.). In addition,
PrimeNet, Inc. has recently entered into relationships with reputable
national networks which allow comparable discounts for providers
throughout the country.

As important as discounting is for claim cost management, there
are other factors which can impact upon claim costs just as much.
Proper administration of your benefit plan can add significantly
to overall savings. PRM is noted as a leader in plan administration
to maximize your benefits with reinsurance reimbursement and network
access fees. PRM clients typically see plan payments of 50% or less
of actual billed charges once all these measures are taken into

Rest assured, as a client of PRM, your network is strong and constantly
changing to meet your needs and your plan is being administered
with the greatest savings and the least imposition to your employees.

Online Drug Store – Indian Drugs

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This website, which has been in business for 9 years, is one of the leading pharmacies on the Internet. Our goal has been to deliver safe, generic medications at a good price!
Our website provides quality generic medicines shipped directly from India. Each of the products that are available through our website are produced with the best raw materials and the greatest care at world-class pharmaceutical manufacturing plants in India. Each of these plants are Indian FDA approved and are internationally certified, so you know our products are safe.


We take your safety seriously. All the products we distribute comply with the Drugs and Cosmetics Act of India 1940, as well as any other applicable rules or amendments. We are sure that any of these products will meet your high standards, now and in the future. We 100% guarantee it! You can find more information about generic medications here.
Dosage information, along with any other relevant or important general information on the medications we provide can be found at this website. Be sure to read this information before placing your order. If you are not 100% sure that you should be taking a specific medication, consult a physician. If you have any other questions, concerns, or just want to learn a little more about us and the services we provide, please contact our customer support team. They are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, through email, online chat or by phone.


Privacy is very important to us. Your email address and personal information will not be abused. Spam is illegal, and we do not take part in those activities. If you do receive any spam related to our products or services, please contact our customer support department and the situation will be dealt with accordingly.


Everything we do at this website is 100% legal. We are responsible corporate citizens and operate in accordance with all applicable laws. It’s absolutely secure to place orders with us as our secure billing system makes sure that all your information is kept private and safe. There is no need to worry when you order from us.
If there is a problem with your order (which there rarely is), like being stopped at customs or get lost by the shipping company, contact us immediately. We will work out a plan to either reship your order or refund your money. Our main concern is your satisfaction!


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See Which Foods Help for Weight Loss!

Weight loss is dream of many women all over the world.

” is not mission impossible and there are some tasty and useful foods.
Foods for weight loss are full of nutrients, usually have fewer calories and are filling, are rich in fiber and maintain our health.

Some foods are really good for weight loss!

Blueberries, strawberries, blackberries …
Blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries – these berries are rich in antioxidants and nutrients and are a valuable ally in weight loss. Phytochemicals in blueberries help to wiggle fat, and delicious and you can eat them in combination with many other foods.
Proteins in fish help us feel full for longer. So feel less hungry and therefore eat less. This protects us from harmful consumption of all kinds of foods that sabotage our weight loss. We must not forget the “found in fish, which are also useful for weight loss.
Cruciferous vegetables
This group includes broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage. These foods contain important nutrients and fewer calories, which helps us both to lose weight and feel full longer. They also contain fiber and rank them among the most nutritious foods for weight loss.
They have many calories, but healthy fats that help to lose weight. Nuts give us energy and we sate a long time.
Calcium in dairy products like yogurt makes a great product for weight loss. You can eat yogurt without sugar at any time and will not sabotage your weight loss.

Broccoli and cauliflower
Cauliflower and broccoli are wonderful foods for weight loss, do not underestimate them.

Eggs until recently were considered harmful to health and blamed for raising cholesterol. But eggs are undoubtedly useful for weight loss. Proteins and other nutrients in eggs makes them indispensable product for your diet. There are even diets based on eggs.
Leafy green vegetables

Lettuce, spinach, arugula and other leafy green vegetables are an excellent source of iron, vitamins and minerals. You can prepare great salads that will help fill you up and help you to quickly get in shape. This is especially appropriate for the spring season when these vegetables are fresh and delicious.

Dark Chocolate

Unlike its relative, milk chocolate, dark chocolate has less sugar and calories and large amounts of cocoa. Most weight loss diets, especially those that are balanced and healthy, allow you to consume moderate amounts of dark chocolate.


Vegetable soup is one of the best weight loss products. Do not add cream to it to not consume too many calories.

Green tea

Green tea is the most wholesome beverage when it comes to weight loss. Drink 3-5 glasses with beneficial foods for weight loss and achieve the desired effect.

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Medical tourism is exciting, dynamic, and growing.  Every day, there are new medical breakthroughs and procedures; new countries and facilities.  Worldwide demand for these services is helping the larger industry blossom at a fantastic rate.  So rapid is this growth, in fact, that no single organization can stay abreast of all these changes.  As much as we hate to admit it, we realize that even ” cannot keep up with the industry 100% of the time.  However, we firmly believe that through regular updates, user-generated content, and multimedia, we can provide a more complete picture of medical tourism and its general progress.   

The Internet is an amazing tool, not only for conducting research, but also for building new communities.  By creating an online forum for patients, tour operators, and facilities, ” strives to offer a global network through which individuals can connect with one another and seek solutions.  

In the following pages, you will find a range of multimedia resources to help you with your medical tourism research.  Using the menu to the left, you can access videos, RSS feeds, “, and “.  These items are updated daily, so every time you come back to visit, the information will be a little bit different.  We also invite users to submit articles, ideas, and topics.  If you would like to contribute, “.

Buy VALTREX (VALACYCLOVIR) Online, Anti-Viral prescription drugs and medications, prescription free

Hormones and a cell receptor in the kidneys may explain why premenopausal women have fewer problems than men with salt-sensitive hypertension, a new study says.

Anti Viral

Antiviral medicines are generally given to people who are more likely to become seriously ill or develop complications from chickenpox.

Types Of Hypertension

New research from the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine has found that an alternative therapy may be possible for treating some types of hypertension using an enzyme called ACE2.


Microdermabrasion using a coarse diamond-studded instrument appears to induce molecular changes in the skin of older adults that mimic the way skin is remodeled during the wound healing process…

Skin Protection

All makeup should be removed before bed each evening. There are a countless number of products for cleaning your skin, with different formulas for each skin type. Unless you use heavy makeup, it’s easiest to pick a cleanser that also removes makeup. Another option is to just use makeup remover or oil on eye makeup, as foundations and blushers usually come off easily with most regular cleansers.

Online Propecia В» Blog Archive В» Generic Propecia.Stop Baldness from growing

May 6th, 2008 by admin

The most common type of baldness is men, male pattern baldness, typically begins with a receding hairline and continues back to the crown and possibly extends to the sides. In sever cases, all hair on the head is lost and while there is no sure cure for this genetically predisposed condition, there is male pattern hair loss treatment methods showing signs of success on the market.

One of the only male pattern hair loss treatment regimens approved by the Food and Drug Administration is an over-the-counter ointment containing minoxidil and sold under the trade name of Rogaine. Another product, Propecia containing finasteride is available in pill form by prescription only. Due to finasteride in a larger dosage being used as a treatment for an enlarged prostate, as a male pattern hair loss treatment it requires stricter control.

With recent advances and FDA approval many items used in male pattern hair loss treatment have become more widely accepted as opposed to previous efforts being considered ineffective oils and creams, sold strictly for profit. While it is well documented that minoxidil and finasteride will not have a positive effect on every user, many sellers of unproven products use that excuse for why their product is not helping people grow hair.

Limited Success Growing Hair Grow Usage

With a success rate of just under 50 percent, minoxidil and finasteride achieve success rates of previous male pattern hair loss treatments presented and also achieve more hair growth than other products using the same or similar ingredients. A few companies use minoxidil and mix natural herbs such as saw palmetto into a mix, sold as pills, ointments and creams and make absurd claims about its effectiveness. Few of these additional items sold as a male pattern hair loss treatment have undergone strenuous clinical trials nor do they have FDA approval to make claims to restore hair.

There are male pattern hair loss treatment products that do work and some that work for a small part of their users. However, as with many cosmetic treatments the old advice of buyer beware is always offered for those that claim to be a male pattern hair loss treatment,and it seems that till now propecia is the only one worthing the effort.

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Mount Sinai – Division of Pediatric Cardiology


Within the framework of a collaborative and multi-disciplinary environment, the Division of Pediatric Cardiology provides state-of-the-art diagnosis and comprehensive family-centered treatment of congenital and acquired heart disease prenatally, in pediatric patients, and in adults with congenital heart defects. Complementary and equally important missions include providing enhanced fellowship training, exemplary intra- and extramural teaching, innovative research, and effective community outreach programs.

The faculty of the Division comprises nine board certified pediatric cardiologists
under the direction of Ira
A. Parness, M.D.
In collaboration with the Department of Cardiothoracic
Surgery, the Division has achieved extraordinary success in diagnosing
and treating the most difficult and complex cardiac conditions. The Division
offers Echocardiography, Exercise Stress Testing, Holter Monitoring, Cardiac
Catheterization, Electrophysiology, and Cardiac MR Imaging.

The pediatric facilities at Mount Sinai include a six-bed pediatric cardiac/cardiothoracic ICU (PCICU), an eight-bed pediatric ICU, a 38-bed neonatal ICU, 75 pediatric inpatient beds, and a pediatric emergency room. Outpatient visits take place in the Annenberg Building, 3rd floor, Suite 3-50.

Gator Sweeper – Antivirus Software

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Many software programs insert themselves into the Windows StartUp areas (registry locations or the Startup folder). Each time you start your computer, these programs get started and then show icons in your system tray or perform other background tasks. They take up valuable memory and processing time, slowing down your computer and increasing your computer’s start time. Many of these programs are useless and annoying. Gator Sweeper is a program which guards your Windows Startup locations. Every time a program adds itself to startup, the Startup Firewall notifies you and asks whether you want to allow the program into your startup or not. After you make an allow or deny decision for a certain program, Gator Sweeper will enforce your choice automatically, without bothering you. Gator Sweeper helps keep your computer running fast, clean and without interruptions from annoying programs.
Remove malware, adware, spyware such as Web Bug, RAT, Tracking Cookie, Password Cracker, System Monitor, Trackware, Keylogger, Dialers, Spies, Spy, Hijackers, Keyloggers, Unwanted Toolbars, Dialers, Trojan Horses, Malware, Adware, Popups, BHOs, Malware, Trojans, Backdoor, Adload, Worm, Binder, Exploit, Rootkit, Joke, Viking, Bot, Virus, Zombie, spoofers, Time Bomb from your PC.

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