Psychotherapist for Newton Massachusetts

Debra Truskinoff is an interactive, empowering psychotherapist,
who using relational, femiinist models to create a dynamic experience
of change for her clients. She uses cognitive-behavioral techniques,
as well as mind-body techniques, such as Bioenergetics,yoga therapy,
and authentic movement. Debra also is Level 2 certified as an
EMDR therapist. She specializes in work with trauma survivors,
affective disorders,gay/lesbian issues, women’s issues, parenting/infertility
issues, sexuality,and runs groups for women trauma survivors.
She has also run groups for women with eating disorders. Debra
treats gay,lesbian, and heterosexual/bisexual couples. Besides
working with adults, she also works with adolescents and children.
She is a very seasoned clinician, having been in the field since
1983. Debra also brings her mindfulness/meditation practice
into her work with clients.